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Users in the contact list can see exactly when you are online at WhatsApp. Unlike the iPhone, this option cannot be turned off on Android smartphones officially. Read how you still use the service unnoticed.

More privacy at WhatsApp? we will show you how to read messages without other contacts remembering them.

Online or not online? This question does not arise when using WhatsApp actually. What do you mean by that? Whether iPhone or Android users, the online status WhatsApp Messenger cannot turn off – officially at least not. Contacts will tell you whether you’re online at WhatsApp – perfect for chatty prolific writers who take every opportunity to bombard you with a text wall. And as long as you are “online”, the messages pile up in the chat. Who does not belong to the genre of over-committed WhatsApp users, the annoying the constant chitchat possibly? COMPUTER BILD clarifies whether messages can also be read without the chatty chat partner noticing something of it

More privacy: how does it work?

“I wrote to you, why do not you answer? I’ve seen you online. “Some users insist that you justify your use of the messenger service, such as the ex-girlfriend, the worried dad, or WhatsApp dwellers spending too much time. The remedy is the deactivation of the blue hook. To prevent your contacts from receiving a read receipt of sent messages. In addition, you optionally opt out of the “last online” timestamp, which tells you when you last used WhatsApp. Otherwise, your contacts will see in the chat window exactly when you last used the service.

WhatsApp: How to Hide Online Status?

But even with these integrated means, the online status cannot be completely hidden. It’s not just the chat window that tells you that you’re online – but there are some clues that also tell others about your WhatsApp activities.

Outsmart WhatsApp hooks

If you’re wondering what the gray check marks next to the news are all about, the first gray check indicates that the message was sent successfully. The second gray check mark is the symbol for a successfully delivered message to the receiving device – whether someone has read the message cannot be deduced from it. For Android smartphones, the second checkmark will appear as soon as you receive the message as a push message or Central display notification (Only if notification for the app are turned on) – on the iPhone and Android, however, only when you open the WhatsApp application it turns in blue.

iPhone: read news unnoticed

So can be read chat messages on iPhone without getting detected. This works via push messages that bring you WhatsApp inputs to the central display or the notification center. Please note that you must select the corresponding notes in the notification center as a push option ( Settings> Messages> WhatsApp> Reminder style> Notes ). To see messages in near full execution (up to 284 characters with spaces). A push message via banner shows you only 115 characters. Note: Be careful not to accidentally open the message by clicking the push message. Because then your counterpart may see that you are online – even without a read receipt and “last online” time stamp.

Block WhatsApp contacts

If you generally do not want to read messages from some people, contacts can also be blocked. Their messages is no longer the chat app through. Even your “last online” notification and the online information will remain in clear from that specific WhatsApp contacts – but then you also will not see the online status of their counterpart. Also invisible are profile picture and status message.

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