Pay with mobile: What solutions are there – an overview

Payment via smartphone is possible in several ways. We have already introduced many individual systems. In the context of the overview, we summarize the most important applications below.

Neither cash nor card needed: With the smartphone as a means of payment you are (almost) always liquid.

If you want to pay via mobile app, it also depends on your smartphone. Depending on the app, there are restrictions.

Pay with mobile: These are the most popular apps

Basically, the following conditions must be met for payment by mobile phone:
  • Your smartphone must have an NFC chip.
  • You must install a compatible app and deposit payment information there.
There are several apps that can do this:
  • Google Pay: This service is available to all users who have a Google Account.
  • Samsung Pay is only compatible with Samsung smartphones.
  • You can only use Apple Pay with Apple devices (ie iPhone or iPad).
Whatever service you choose, the methodology at the cash register is always the same: Once the app has been set up, you only have to hold the mobile phone to the reader. The transfer takes only a few seconds and is extremely secure as you do not submit your billing information. In many supermarkets and other shops, paying by mobile phone is often observed.

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