How to see the profile of someone who blocked me on Facebook


Facebook is one of the most used social networks worldwide, which we use every day either to review what our friends publish or just to write or chat using its Messenger, however, this application has many hidden things which we will discuss in this article

How to see the photos and posts of someone blocking me

Something that many users want to do is like seeing the Profile of a contact that is not in our contact list or has blocked us, so we assure you that there are several tricks that allow you to do this easily even from a PC or cell phone.

When someone blocks us from Facebook we can not see anything about this person, whether it is searching, viewing photos, publications, videos, etc. But we will tell you the way to see the profile of someone who has blocked us.

One of the easiest ways is to enter the profile of the person from Chrome but with an incognito browser, because in this way we can see everything you have in your public profile without the need to enter from another account.

Another thing that many people do is create a new Facebook account to enter the profile of who has blocked us that is another valid option but requires more time compared to entering directly from an incognito browser.

How can I see the profile of someone who has blocked me 2018

If you want to open two Facebook accounts on the same cellphone, we recommend downloading the Facebook Lite application, which is a lighter version that has reduced functions but is much faster than any other application, ideal if you want to use it to have two accounts functioning both at same time.

Facebook Lite
Developer: Facebook
Price: Free

Remember that having a new account will allow you to see everything that has the profile of the person who has blocked you since it is a totally new account without any type of restriction and you can even add the person to friends again.

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