How to control TV from the cell phone 2018


Cell phones are increasingly incorporated with new functions which allow a series of tasks for the user to facilitate in his or her day to day routine, so this time we tell you how to control a TV from the same cell, either to turn on or turn off, also to change channel, increase volume or enter advanced Smart TV or INPUT settings (HDMI, VGA selection, etc.).

Almost all the cell phones that are sold today allow controlling TVs as they even come with the application that requires a small configuration to synchronize the cell phone with the TV and take control of it.

If you want to control your TV with your cell phone, the phone must have the infrared sensor or IR sensor. If you have already checked it, we leave you the best remote control applications for TV on Android.

Peel Smart Remote : This is one of the best applications that come from as factory application in Samsung phones but is compatible with all, works quite well and is free, it is compatible with all brands of televisions that exist in the market, it is even ideal for those who have lost the remote control of an old or new TV in the same way if it has Smart TV.

Peel Smart Remote
Developer: Peel Technologies
Price: Free

SURE Universal Remote: Another of the good remote control applications for Android to control the TV easily so we recommend you to have Sure Universal, just like Peel Smart is compatible with all TVs on the market, including Chinese and well-known brands.

SURE Universal Remote

Unified Remote : This is a great application that many have seen as an alternative to Peel Smart and SURE , since it weighs very little and is compatible with all Android phones, in my case I liked it a lot and use it every day.

Unified Remote
Developer: Unified Intents

Price: Free

In case your cell phone does not have an infrared sensor there are alternatives for this which are not difficult to achieve and we tell you in the following article: Remote Control for Android without Infrared

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