Dragon Ball FighterZ User Guide – Cell Combos

Since the sale of Dragon Ball FighterZ last January, the title of Arc System Works has been positioned as one of the candidates for the king of the struggle in the present generation. Players are trying to master all the combos and movements, but one that is becoming fashionable: the Touch of Death of Cell .

The Touch of Death combo is completely deadly, inflicting more than 10,000 points of damage to the enemy, with high chances of finishing it, without being able to defend or react. With other characters, several fighters were needed, but in the case of Cell it is possible to do it with only if the movements are made at the right moment.

The saga of the series is one of the most loved by admirers of Dragon Ball. Cell is intelligent and incorrigible, he has earned himself to be one of the most powerful characters of Dragon Ball FighterZ for his Touch of Death.

In today’s article, we show you all of his combos in detail, rated by the leader of this guide, as one of the most powerful Arc System Works titles to be able to make more than 4,000 points of damage without spending a single bar with certain combos.

Combo 1 (2:10) Combo with the assist. It can end with special if you do not have assist that fits (as I show in seconds before)

Combo 2 (3:25) combo with vanish and continuation.

Combo 3 (4:45) Combo after Kame Hame from the other side of the screen.

Combo 4 5:25. The famous loop. 4.7k of life without spending a bar

Combo 5 (6:50). Loop and end with specials after vanish.

Dragon Ball FighterZ  is now on sale worldwide for  Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC .

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