An Insight into “Laser League”the new original multiplayer title of Roll7

If there is something that videogames, cinema and popular culture in general have taught us about futuristic dystopias, it is that in the future everything is full of lasers and neons. It is an eighties concept that we all agree with and also the people of Roll7, popular indie developers like Olli Olli and Not a Hero , who now present their most ambitious game to date: Laser League .

Laser League is a competitive multiplayer arcade title. Defining your concept is … somewhat complex in the first instance, but for this you can start by saying that what you propose is a new sport that faces two teams (variable number but usually 3 players) in a kind of duel of skill and resistance with deadly lasers, where the last player standing wins the point for his team. Each match consists of three rounds and each round is won by the first team that wins three points. The objective is therefore double. We have to finish the opponents but we also have to be the last one standing.

The main mechanics is to create lasers that move autonomously around the stage and finish with the opposing players. We create them by activating points that appear on the playing field, and these create laser barriers that are the color of our team, making our team invulnerable to them but harmful to the contrary.

Laser League (PS4) screenshot

The lasers are active for a few seconds, so the basic idea is to move around the stage activating all possible in the shortest time we can to create deadly traps for the enemy team. If it is a player of the opposing team that activates the laser we will have to move around the stage to avoid it until it disappears. Like any sport, the Laser League base is simple once the concept is understood, but difficult to master. It is in the large amount of small mechanics and rules to keep in mind where the game shines.

In this sense, the class system allows us to adopt a specific role within the dynamics of our team . Although the general objective is the same for all players, each class allows us to activate a special ability with a determining effect in the game. The Thief can steal the laser barriers activated by the opposing team and turn them into their own. Shock generates a shock that momentarily stuns enemies leaving them vulnerable for an attack or to be eliminated by a laser.

Laser League comes with enough content to spend hours alone or in company. The main attraction is the online mode, in which we can compete in teams of 2 or 3 in random scenarios, but we can also create for local games with custom rules to be able to raise, for example, one-on-one matches with a friend in local, or face IA of varying difficulty in the scenarios we want. The progression system, on the other hand, is purely aesthetic, but it provides an incentive to continue playing. We can get emoticons, customize the aesthetics of the lasers we create or get new skins for our players based on the stadiums in which we play.


Laser League has all the ballots to become the new obsession of many players looking for new experiences online. Roll7 has hit the key when creating a game that feels fresh and original. With a visual and sound identity full of personality, it also has a fast and addictive gameplay that is both satisfying in the short term but challenging and complex to dominate in the long term. It is one of those games that start from the mix of genres for a niche audience, but thanks to its refined design and attractive presentation they are ideal to be enjoyed by a mainstream audience. As usual in the multiplayer proposals, we are waiting for more content that can breathe new life into the experience after the surprise effect, but in the state that is currently a highly recommended title.

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