Concern over privacy? This what Twitter tells us

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Twitter has recently been under attack  by conservative activist and filmmaker “James O’Keefe” who published undercover footage of Twitter engineers. he was of the opinion that there are hundred of twitter employees who have access to all the we personal data of millions of twitter users. to his defense he published the footage of twitter employees talking about the access to the personal information of the users.

In the recent years we have seen different governments and organization tightening their grip on cybersecurity and in doing so they have involved many big social media networks and software giants like Apple, Facebook etc to forfeit their efforts.

However Twitter disputes these claims. “We do not proactively review DMs. Period,” a company spokesperson told BuzzFeed . “A limited number of employees have access to such information, for legitimate work purposes, and we enforce strict access protocols for those employees.”

Now this statement provided by the twitter spokesman is challengeable on base of technicality. it still means that their employees still can access private data of the users. as they have not stated the no of the employees who have such privilege. the story of the conservative activist “James O’Keefe” seemed to be stretched far away from reality but still not all can be marked as fantasy or false.

Twitter has recently been exposed to controversy when an employee of twitter suspended the account of President of the United States of America in last November. the suspended account of later recovered within few hours and was marked as unintentional mistake by an employee. many in the recent past has also tried to link the use of twitter by and in office President Donald Trump since his selection in 2016 to his family investment in the social media organization.

Whatever the case may be but privacy will remain a hot issue as the technology and internet keeps evolving in the 21st century. Twitter is one of the leading social media platform. its has always limited the users to give brief statement using limits of 140 characters for every tweet, which has recently been changed to 280 characters.

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